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July 14 2018

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New Miniature Lace Scenes by Ágnes Herczeg Capture Quiet Domestic Moments

Hungarian fiber artist Ágnes Herczeg (previously) continues to create delicate depictions of quiet moments. Formed from colorful lace and found wood, each small scene floats in mid-air and is attached to a piece of wood. Whereas in previous work, Herczeg used unusually shaped wood fragments as part of the figural elements of the scenes, in her more recent pieces the wood acts as a frame. You can see more of the artist’s work on her website.

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July 03 2018

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sketches for a thing

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July 02 2018

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June 24 2018

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May 17 2018

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Gyokudo Kawai’s A Wintry Moon, 1954 (via here)  

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March 19 2018

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March 06 2018

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February 27 2018

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February 25 2018

February 01 2018

January 31 2018

January 26 2018

January 15 2018

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January 10 2018

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January 06 2018

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January 05 2018

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November 14 2017

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